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We an independent distributor of electronic components, which is committed to the integration of electronic components distribution services of world’s famous brands. Established in November 2014, headquartered in New York, USA. Our logistics warehouses are in Korea, France, Hong Kong

Our company is characterized by high-quality elite team and the business of our company has scattered more than 30 countries in all regions of the world. The upstream channel is rich in original manufacturer and authorized agents. The downstream channels have spot resources, which makes the sharing of inventory information come true and we hold the latest and most valuable market information.


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Our products and services involve in all fields of the electronics industry, including military, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, and communications, etc.

We can provide services for customers in all fields, such as intelligent distribution, cost reduction, demand service consulting, quality management, spot market information consultation, integration services, and inventory recycling.

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