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ACASN1001S3001P1AT Electronic Component ElectronPart is a long lead time, hard-to-find and obsolete electronic component distributor. We stock electronic components and we can source the hardest to find electronics. We ship only the highest quality components and ensure you receive fast quotes when you enquire by phone or our online quote form. Request a quote for part number: ACASN1001S3001P1AT. We are here to get you the best pricing and service. Our staff of knowledgeable experts can provide fast responses to requests for pricing. Thank you for choosing ElectronPart to service your electronic component requirements. This part number most closely matches components manufacturered by Vishay / Beyschlag

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ACASN1001S3001P1AT Attributes

Type Description
Series:ACA - Precision
Package:Tape & Reel (TR)Cut Tape (CT)
Part Status:Active
Circuit Type:Isolated
Resistance (Ohms):1k, 3k
Number of Resistors:2
Resistor Matching Ratio:±0.05%
Number of Pins:4
Power Per Element:125mW
Temperature Coefficient:±25ppm/°C
Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 155°C
Applications:Automotive AEC-Q200, Voltage Divider (TCR Matched)
Mounting Type:Surface Mount
Package / Case:0606, Convex
Supplier Device Package:0606
Size / Dimension:0.063" L x 0.059" W (1.60mm x 1.50mm)
Height - Seated (Max):0.022" (0.55mm)

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